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Our Famous Handmade Copper Hangers

These beautiful hangers are handmade for us and go beautifully with any of our Jax or Vestis/Tunix. Some people hang their JAX on a wall with them. If you're looking for a holiday gift, take advantage of FREE SHIPPING for online orders over $100 placed before December 25!

Make sure you select the desired size and type:
  • There are two sizes for each style: The large (48") is appropriate for our JAX with arms outstretched to hang on a wall. The medium (24") is appropriate for our Vestis/Tunix or a JAX with arms down, if your closet allows that width.
  • There are two styles for each size: While no two handmade hangers can look exactly alike, one style ("short straight") has copper wire that ends in a much shorter, straighter end (see two typical examples below left) and the other style ("long curled") has a much longer end wire that is curled, more or less, in a loop (see typical example below right).
Click any image below for a larger, close-up view in a new window (close when done):
2 hangers detail2 hangers full length
Choose size-style

Hangers are not included with clothing purchases unless you select that option before checkout or purchase hangers a la carte here
Choose size-style
Short straight wire Copper Hanger
copper hangers short straight wire detail
Long curled wire Copper Hanger
copper hanger long curled wire detail